About Us

We’d like to introduce the latest contribution to the development and new standard of Detroit. Detroit Metal Studio is ready to change the standard in contemporary and modern metal artworks for personal and commercial applications.

We noticed that the trend and standard in home designing is to feature a beautiful kitchen with nice cabinets, back splash and of course, stainless steel appliances that tie everything together and give a modern and clean look. But why stop at the kitchen? Why not incorporate metal throughout the house to give a clean and consistent design element?

That was the premise when we decided to introduce the world to Detroit Metal Studio. Not only do we have a plethora of different metal art applications for your home and office, but we’ve given the consumer creative freedom by giving them the ability to personalize their artwork. How does that work you ask?

You can pick any theme, monogram, logo, background or even your own personal artwork. Simply upload your artwork or give us a description of what you’re looking for and we will provide you a rendering of a unique and modern art piece that’s sure to be the topic of conversation when hosting guest.

Detroit Metal Studio is housed in the industrial mecca that was responsible for providing automobiles to the world. We’ve taken that work ethic, metal fabrication and technology into the 21st Century with the most dynamic, sleek and modern artwork that will transform homes and corporations into a new genre of design.

If that wasn’t enough, we’ve partnered up with the Play-Place for Autistic Children to see them benefit from every piece of artwork that gets delivered to its new home or business. The Play-Place for Autistic Children’s mission is to provide a fun-filled, judgment-free, haven of hope for families affected by autism and other special needs. So….every time one of you decides to bring a new decor element to your home or office, five percent of the selling price will go directly to the Play-Place for Autistic Children. When was the last time you bought something that would benefit someone other than the company selling it to you?

Okay, enough of that. It’s time for you to visit our gallery to see how we’ve transformed homes and businesses with the vision of the talented artist that makeup Detroit Metal Studio.



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